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Greetings, minions.

Hiii. You all know me, so whats the point of going into the details of my uneventful lifestyle? I look forward to talking about useless, senseless, crap with ym dear friends.

I'll start with the fact that I'm getting excited about Grease. I miss the Middle School musicals so much, their absences have left a void in my heart. Does anyone remember rehearsing songs in Mrs. Mcaleese's room, and looking through the window when it was dark and snowing? For some reason that's the most distinct memory I have. That and the late night rehearsals where we ate pizza in the cafeteria and played our little "game," only to get yelled at by Mrs. Miller or Mrs. Pearce. Oh, and when we had breaks and ran around in our pajamas, thinking we were all cool and stuff..

Bah, I'm going to make myself cry. I just hope High School brings even better memories, because it'll suck if all the good times are gone. But let's stay positive. Viva!
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