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Hi! Welcome to the Frothy Fun Cafe! I'm Devin and I'm the founder of this here place.

Let's Get a Few Things Straight:

1) I like Michael Jackson
2) I'm a Democrat In Denial
3) I'm 14...back off pedophiles!

The last one is really no big deal, I just think having 3 things to set straight is better than 2...

If you can't deal with these "things to set straight" you can turn around and leave....and grab a complimentary mint on your way out...

Hmm...let's see, what is this community about?
Oh! It's in a sense, about nothing, like Seinfeld. I mean, this is a place where you can talk about ANYTHING, Fan of someone or something? TALK ABOUT IT. Pissed off at someone or something? TALK ABOUT IT. Plan on killing your parents? TALK ABOUT IT. This is an open forum, where we just spew out whatever's on our minds....which is why it's called a CAFE...get it?

Isn't this background cute?

Well, I hope you decide to join! I can't wait to talk to you!!
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